with an etching by Linda Wolfsgruber

"Iwill have a baby", says Tommy.
"Boys don't have babies", says Jennifer-Ann.
"But me, I do".

Tommy's belly is growing.
"How is your baby?" says Jennifer-Ann.
"It grows and gets bigger", says Tommy, "I can hear it talking."
"Babies don't talk inside the belly" says Jennifer-Ann.
"But mine, it does", says Tommy.

"Why am I alone?" says the baby in Tommy's belly.
"You are with me", says Tommy.

"There are houses", says Tommy, "and gardens and fences,
and there is the sky!"
"I know", says the baby.

"Do you want to be born?" Tommy asks the baby.
"What will happen then?"
"Everything that is happening all the time"
"I will try", says the baby.
"But don't get a fright!" Tommy says.

"Where is your baby?" says Jennifer-Ann.
"It ran of into the world" says Tommy.
"Babies don't run off into the world", says Jennifer-Ann.
"But mine it does", says Tommy.

Tommy is dreaming about the sea, that is dark in the morning.
"There is the wind", says Tommy, "and long grey clouds that can move so fast!"
"I know", says the baby.
The baby has run off to the sea.
It is playing alone in the sand in the early morning.
"Play with me", baby says to the sea, and they play.

"I have died", says the baby,
"I have come back to your belly".
"There are ships and boats", says Tommy, "and big machines that can do many things".
"I know" says the baby.

"Babies don't come back to the belly", says Jennifer-Ann.
"But mine it does" says Tommy.