Lighthouses and Billiard Balls

by Jerry Dreesen, Indianapolis, Indiana

So you want to know what a lighthouse feels. You, who in the middle of the Web, admittedly careens with life's billiard balls, seemingly out of control, never knowing what chaos your change of direction may cause(the law of chaos- isn't that what you've described?). Strange, your choice: a lighthouse peaking your curiosity when lighthouses are, we might think, symbols of self-containment, solitude, without kiss or cushion. Never has a lighthouse, I imagine, been seen in the company of the metaphoric smoke-filled pool-hall balls.

Yet, there is a logical comparison, if that is what you're suggesting. Both effect change. One, a purveyor of chaos, dangerously effective in obtaining results, albeit without apparent purpose; the other: a solitary, stalwart lighthouse, its beam of light a beacon for those who need to change their course to keep from foundering and becoming lost; the billiard ball can not predict the changes it has created, the lighthouse is a monolith of certainty. The lighthouse feels, perhaps, as though it has the better role. In the middle of its web.

This text has been inspired by
6 Billion Billiard Balls by Martin Auer

This text has inspired:
Wie man ein Leuchtturm ist by Martin Auer
How to Be a Lighthouse by Martin Auer
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