And yet

by Cynthia Scher, Connecticut, USA

And yet whichever of those billiard balls we touch in our realm affects the next, and the next, and the next, until all the billiard balls at some time or another affect each other. Here on this pool table we are indeed connected.

But whose game is this? Who holds the cue stick, who determines the correct amount of chalk to sink us -- or put us behind the eight ball?

If we roll on a well-built table, we are always rolling and bumping into each other according to the laws of physics and math (nature). But is the table crooked? If so, we must learn to adjust to this handicap, to angle ourselves according to a tilt in the table. And isn't that what we always do anyway? When we feel we are rolling away from our "true" destiny we adjust and roll with it anyway. Maybe there is a reason we didn't make it into that cosmic pocket this time around. Maybe we simply needed to bump into another ball that has had other experiences in its journey around the table. Or maybe it's simply time to start a new game -- rack us up again and see where we go when we have the power behind us. Always a different course.

Storyweb This text has been inspired by
6 Billion Billiard Balls by Martin Auer

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juice by Mark Peters

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