On the planet Midday
     in Poopool 2.0
     wie hung out in Willies diner
     with our helmets on our knees.
     And we sucked our C15
     On the planet Midday
     in Willies diner
     hardly anyone spoke anymore
     and only rarely
     someone disappeared
     in Willies broken down Sexodrome
     which had only one disk left
     and that was scratched.
     Sometimes it could happen
     that instead of Organda with the twisting tongue
     you found yourself doing it with an Orang Utan,
     which wasn't too bad,
     or with your own grandad.
     Willie said it was your own soul
     that showed at this moment,
     but nobody really cared.
     On the planet Midday
     in Poopool/2.0
     you didn't leave Willies diner anymore
     for because of some error in the continuum
     time had stopped completely
     in the system of Poopool/2.0.
     Everywhere except in Willies diner.

     Or that's what we thought anyway.