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The Poetry Machine welcomes you. It will lead you into a poetic web in which texts are interconnected by association rather than threaded one after the other like a string of pearls.

The poetic web can be explored in all directions. Of course it is also possible to run in circles and get lost.

Do not haste when travelling through the poetic web. Each text can be arrived at from different directions. And dependig on the direction from which it has been arrived at, it will offer a different view, or even tell a different story.

The Poetry Machine offers more than one point of entrance into the poetic web. But there is no way out. There is no end point to arrive at, no final conclusion to draw. The universe of the Poetry Machine, while not being infinite, is definitely limitless. 
If you cannot really get lost in it, note this, please: the Poetry Machine is just the younger sister of the Lyrikmaschine, which is in German, the authors native tongue, and much larger.

The author welcomes all comments. Use the mail machine for this purpose.

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